About Us

The core team assembled includes some of the nation’s leading child welfare researchers, practitioners, and evaluators. The Child Advocacy Law Clinic of the University of Michigan Law School is the oldest child welfare law clinic in the nation, combining practical, hands-on advocacy with sophisticated law and policy analysis. That dual focus merged in this QIC.  

Don Duquette, founding director of the Clinic, was the QIC-ChildRep Project Director. Robbin Pott, a lawyer and public policy specialist at the Child Advocacy Law Clinic served as Assistant Director. University of Michigan’s research partner is Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, led by Britany Orlebeke, Andrew Zinn (now at University of Kansas), Ada Skyles, and Xiomeng Zhou who conducted the evaluation of the Best Practice Model Training Evaluation research and demonstration sites. Established in 1985, Chapin Hall is widely seen as the nation's premier child welfare policy research center. Their mission is to build knowledge that improves policies and programs for children and youth, families, and their communities.