QIC-ChildRep Products include:


1.     Duquette, D.N., Orlebeke, B., Zinn, A., Pott, R., Skyles, A., & Zhou, X., CHILDREN'S JUSTICE: How to Improve Legal Representation for Children in Child Welfare American Bar Association, in press, due out in November 2016.

2.     Duquette with Darwall, Child Representation in America: Progress Report from the National Quality Improvement Center, 46 Fam.L.Q. 87 (Spring 2012)

3.     Orlebeke, B., Zinn, A., Duquette, D., & Zhou, X. (2015). Characteristics of Attorneys Representing Children in Child Welfare Cases. Family Law Quarterly, 49(3) 477.

4.     Zinn, A., Orlebeke, B., Duquette, D., & Zhou, X. (Forthcoming). The Organizational Contexts of Child Representation Services in Child Welfare Cases. Family Court Review.

5.     Zinn, A., Orlebeke, B., (Forthcoming). The Nature and Determinants of Child Representation Practice in Child Welfare Cases. Family Court Review.

6.     Pott, R., The Ethical and Economic Reasons to Provide Social Work Services at the Client Level, (Forthcoming) Juvenile and Family Court Journal.

7.     Chapin Hall's Evaluation of the QIC-ChildRep Best Practices Model Training for Attorneys Representing Children in the Child Welfare System

8.     QIC-ChildRep Activities Report 2009-2016

9.     QIC-ChildRep webinar.

10.   QIC-ChildRep Best Practices Model Training material http://improvechildrep.org/DemonstrationProjects/BestPracticeModelTrainingMaterial.aspx

11.     National Association of Counsel for Children Certification of Child Welfare Law Specialist promotional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIZWJNkZjbY&feature=youtu.be

12.  Datasets are expected to become available to researchers from the National Data Archive for Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) within 12 months of the project ending.